Wheel Works Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush

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The Wheel Works Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush is the durably gentle, flagged tip brush that’s strong enough to eliminate dirt and grime fast yet soft enough to preserve sensitive engine parts and wheel finishes. Perfect for cleaning engine bays, undercarriages, wheels, and more!

Awesome Wheel Works Features:

  • Medium duty scrubbing bristles
  • Plush brush head picks up dirt & debris for a brilliant finish
  • Flagged tips help prevent scratching & swirling on surfaces
  • Thoroughly clean engine bays with an all purpose cleaner or degreaser
  • Deep cleans plastic surfaces while minimizing chances for scratches and swirls
  • Loosens undercarriage grime with ease
  • Ideal for cleaning wheels with gentle agitation
  • Provides a superior clean anyone can do

Durable Design

The Wheel Works Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush offers the durability and premium quality you need to wash those hard to clean surfaces. Medium duty stiff bristles and a plush brush head eliminate dirt and grime to effortlessly remove grease, fluids, oils, brake dust, and other contamination. Reinforced with a durable plastic backing and ergonomic handle design, the Wheel Works Brush is the perfect tool to clean engine bays, undercarriages, and wheels without scratching or chipping sensitive engine parts or surface finishes.

Gentle Flagged Tip Touch

The medium duty bristles on the Wheel Works Brush are split on the ends to provide flagged tip gentleness and a broad surface area clean to tough surfaces. The Wheel Works Brush is tough enough to easily remove dirt and grime but gentle enough to preserve finished rims and sensitive engine bays. The Wheel Works performs great on rims, glossy wheels, dirty engine bays, and neglected undercarriages. The Wheel Works Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush is the durably gentle solution to filthy wheels and bodies.

Show Your Neglected Areas Some Love

We all love the stunning clean and spectacular shine a fresh Chemical Guys car wash gives our paintwork. But how many of us remember to show that same amount of tender love and care to our wheels, engine bays, and undercarriages? You wouldn’t leave the house in a three-piece suit and dirty, un-shined shoes would you? So why would you drive a brilliantly shined car with dirty wheels and a disgusting engine? Show those neglected areas on you ride some love and give your entire car the full Chemical Guys treatment with the Wheel Works Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush!