Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 and Done Compound Correct and Finish, 16 oz

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Product description

Turtle Wax’s Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 and Done Compound Correct and Finish allows both professional detailers and auto enthusiasts to safely correct and finish any paint surface without switching products. Eliminate deep scratches and swirl marks while adding a wet, reflective polish to any clear coat. Simply swap your cutting pad to use this as a heavy-duty compound or a light polish. Our proprietary blend of high-quality precision platelet abrasives slides and glides over the paint surface allowing you to remove up to 1000 grit paint imperfections for heavy-duty surface restoration. This body shop safe formula produces zero dust, has extended work time, no sling, and wipes off easily with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. It is the ultimate, go-to solution for pros and any skilled auto enthusiasts looking to upgrade their detailing arsenal.

To add protection to your paint corrected surface, finish with our Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax or our Hybrid Solutions Pro To the Max Wax.

The formulation is pad adjustable for desired correction performance and you can use the product longer without having to clean pads as frequently.


Shake product well and apply 3-4 dime sized drops on a cutting or polishing pad.

Spread product evenly at a low setting over 2’x2’ sections in a cross hatch pattern using light to medium pressure. Always try the least aggressive pad to deliver desired results.

Remove excess product with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.