Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions CERAMIC + GRAPHENE 75th Anniversary Paste Wax

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Introducing the all-new Turtle Wax Ceramic + patent-pending Graphene Paste Wax.
The Turtle Wax experts have put 75 years worth of expertise into one wax. The unsurpassed technology competes with the best paste waxes around at a reasonable price. Formulated with a unique blend of 10 waxes infused with Ceramic (SiO2) and patent-pending Graphene. The combined benefits include incredible gloss, slickness, water repellency, chemical resistance along with heat dissipation for increased UV protection. This helps keep water and contaminants from sticking to the vehicle resulting in a clean, protected, and easier to maintain finish. Unlike most paste waxes it goes on smooth and wipes off easily.

* Advanced, graphene formula creates the most powerful shield against scratches, swirls and color fading
* Superhydrophobic ceramic polymers allow rain to roll right off your car
* Super smooth glide-and-wipe application for effortless, brilliant shine
* Contains Ceramic and patent-pending Graphene technologies for incredible slickness, shine and long-lasting durability
* Low dusting formula is easy to apply and does not leave any powder residue upon removal
* Product creates a barrier of protection from environmental and chemical contaminants that maintains gloss, clarity and water resistance that lasts for months
* Can be used on wheel surfaces, headlights, clear plastics, and exterior metals like chrome and aluminum
* Can be applied in direct sunlight, on warm or cool paint finishes
* Applicators and towels are not included